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*Rolls eyes*

I’m told that one of the biggest causes of depression is bottling everything up.  I’d go along with that.  I tend to bottle things up, and I always have done, which is probably a good part of the reason I get pretty nasty when I’m off the medication for any reason (or it’s starting to run out, and I have to eek a few more days out of what I’ve got).

So I thought it was time I had something of a rant.

You know that feeling when you really can’t be bothered anymore?

No, I don’t mean THAT.  What I mean is when you reach the moment when you reach faecal saturation.  When you are sick of someone’s shit.  I’ve reached that point again with a now former Facebook “friend”.

So I just unfriended.

Simple.  He probably won’t even notice I’ve gone, and I’ve got one less vegan banging on and on and on about how farming is cruel and we’re murderers.


We’re not murderers.  We’re the apex predator.  Our species has got so good at killing other animals for food that we don’t really even need to hunt them anymore.  Anyway, as anyone with any knowledge of Biology knows, we kill to survive.  OK, the vegan doesn’t kill animals, but what about the plants?  They’re alive (they fulfil all the seven criteria used by biologists to denote life) and recent research suggests they feel pain.  It’s been known for a while that plants secrete alarm signals when they come under attack, so it’s logical that they must be able to sense that attack, therefore they feel pain.

Every time you wash your hands, or any other part of your body, your clothes or your food, you are (by your own standards) committing murder.  The same goes when you uproot the plants you’re going to eat.  Not only do you kill the plant, but you damage the ecosystem it has formed around itself.  Millions of micro-organisms go to their end in your pan of boiling water.

My own personal theory as to why some people go vegan: being vegetarian isn’t “special” enough.  You don’t really get to wallow in your own sense of superiority and rub it in other people’s faces if you’re “just” a vegetarian.  There are LOADS of vegetarians out there.  They’re not special.  They’re mainstream.

Vegans, on the other hand, are going that one step further.  They’re “special” because they believe themselves to be morally superior to all the carnivores because they don’t cause the deaths of animals to feed and clothe themselves.


Bollocks to all that.  I’m not biting anymore.  I’m just hitting “unfriend”, and in extreme cases “block”.  My mental health is more important to me than that, and it’s about time I prioritized.

So there.

It’s been a while, hasn’t it?

It’s been a while, hasn’t it?

This is just a bit of a catch-up, really.

If I have ANY regular readers, please let me know.  It’s a bit lonely in here, and for someone fighting depression, like my good self, it’s heartening to know that there’s someone out there.

So if there is, please leave a comment or something.  That way, when I do take a spiral down (which will happen at some point), I can hold onto the evidence that someone does actually give a shit.

Anyway.  Not been too bad recently.  The job bumps along.  Looks like a colleague is well and truly fucked off (and I can’t really blame him, based on what’s been happening and the changes of circumstances he’s been through recently), and is planning to resign in February.  I’ll miss him.  His truly (deliberately) awful jokes and puns really did help lighten the mood.

The experiment into dropping my dose of sertraline to 100mg per day seems to be working.  Although I’ve got less resistance built in to spirals, I do feel somewhat more in control and a bit more present.  So that’s a good thing.

Really do need to start going to the gym again, though.  I managed regular visits for nearly a month, but a few days of feeling crap have lead to me not going for something like a fortnight now.

I need to do something about that.  The workouts help the brain chemistry and therefore help the depression (and also help with the inevitable weight increases caused by the drugs), so this is something I really do need.

Something I also need to do is get back into writing.  I was somewhat (pleasantly) shocked to actually get a few quid from my novella, Wild Caught Are Always Better (available from many good ebook retailers… and probably a few dodgy ones, too – click on the link if you have a Kindle or use Kindle software).  It seems to be heading off into cyberpunk, which is interesting, not least for me as I watch it develop as I write it.

Might try and write a couple more paragraphs at least before I go to bed tonight.

The UK Government sells our details to the world’s biggest Porn company.

UK Government screws up AGAIN.  This time, it’s not Brexit or politicians getting caught in the middle of massive cybersecurity cock-ups.


This time, it’s handing the details of tens of millions of UK citizens to a commercial company with no guarantee in law that they won’t use them for targeted advertising or even just sell them to scam artists.

Specifically, the details we’re talking about are the details of those of us who enjoy watching porn.  Because some of us do.  I would think that the vast majority of the people who read this blog either perform in or partake of a bit of smut, so it affects us directly.

Like the writer of that report, I don’t blame Mindgeek.  Business is business, after all.  I DO blame the virtue-chasing politicians who scream “Think about the children!!!” when they’re really just terrified of loosing the votes of the puritanical, prudish rightwingers who get out and vote most often.

The Epic Sex Scene

As promised (OK, it’s 20 minutes late, but there you go!)

Shan’s tongue played over her lips as she started to walk slowly towards where her young partner was stood.  The way she walked made her hips swing seductively as she approached.  Jamie could small her perfume and something else buried deep.  Her gloved fingers slid slowly up the skintight slick material that made up her camosuit, caressing her curves as they moved upwards from her belt, taking time over her toned abs and across her right breast and the lump that hinted at a piercing there, before she took the zip between her thumb and first finger and slowly slid it down, one set of teeth at a time.

By the time Shan was within touching distance of her young partner, her suit was unzipped to her waist.  Jamie had a close-up view of her full breasts and silky skin, slightly slick with perspiration from the suit.  She reached out and her fingers made contact with his chest.  His pectoral muscle twitched involuntarily at the caress.  Shan’s eyes flicked down to his crotch and a slight smile played across her lips as she noticed a familiar shape beginning to form.  Her eyes moved back up his body, taking in every contour, past the wiry stubble on his face, up into his pale blue eyes.

With a gentle push, Shan steered Jamie towards the wall, her eyes locked onto his.  Her other hand, still gloved, traced the opposite path, ending on her partner’s rapidly swelling manhood.  With practiced ease, she unfastened his belt and the fasteners on the lower half of his camosuit with one hand whilst gently and seductively stroking her fingers across his face, tracing the line of his cheekbones, curving around the back of his ear and down onto his neck.

Shan watched Jamie’s eyes roll back and his mouth drop open slightly as her hand slid into his camosuit and took a firm but gentle hold on his shaft.  Her other hand was now on the back of Jamie’s head.  She pushed him down and met his open lips with hers.  She kissed him deeply and voraciously.

“Time for a taste”, purred Shan as she dropped to her knees, shedding the top half of her camosuit, revealing her huge, enhanced breasts.  The light flashed off the bar through her left nipple.  Within seconds, and without quite realizing how it happened, Jamie was naked from the waist down, his cock stood to attention, throbbing.  It’s veined length called to Shan.  First, she wanted to get it in her mouth, down her throat and then in her pussy and up her arsehole.  The glistening pre-cum started to ooze.  Jamie’s cock bucked as the tip of Shan’s tongue flicked out and licked it off.

Never loosing eye contact, Shan leaned forward and wrapped her breasts around Jamie’s erect penis and began to stoke up and down.  He moaned in delight, the feeling of her cool skin and the firmness of the implants striking home.  She squeezed her breasts together harder and carried on.  Jamie’s groans became more guttural.  Using the nanotech fibres and surveillance equipment that had been implanted into her body, Shan could sense Jamie’s temperature rising.  The heads-up display that had been grafted onto her retina fed the input into her visual cortex.  She could see an animation of the young agent’s heart, beating harder and faster as his breathing became deeper.  A quick glance down between her breasts revealed an increase in blood flow through the arteries in his cock.  Her enhanced senses felt the throbbing increase intensity.  She could see everything that was going on in his body as he became more and more aroused.  That knowledge only made her even more turned on.  She could feel her own juices beginning to run down her inner thighs.

“Oh no…”, she whispered, “I’m nae done with ye yet, pal!”

Her hands still wrapped in the material of her gloves, Shan gently placed one hand on Jamie’s flat, toned stomach, pushing him hard against the wall.  He soon realized why when Shan took him into her mouth.  Her tongue stud swept down the length of his shaft.  As it did, Shan fired a mental command, charging the stud, so it tingled her tongue.  Jamie gasped and his knees almost buckled as a torrent of electrical energy surged through his nervous system from his crotch as he felt her throat tighten around the head of his cock.

She’s using the tongue stud… Oh fuuuuck… he managed with the only part of his brain that still had higher functions.  The rest had been given over to the experience of sheer passion and ecstasy that was flooding through his every nerve fibre and cell.  He could feel the pressure starting to build, at this rate it wouldn’t be long before he came.

That was if Shan would allow him to…

…she didn’t.

Just at exactly the right moment, Shan used the tongue stud to give Jamie just enough of a jolt to stop his orgasm in its tracks.  Her timing and the size of the shock were perfect.  Even as she backed away, he was still hard as the proverbial rock.

“Fuck me until I cum, ye little bastard”, growled Shan.  “Fuck me until I’m screaming and the cum’s running down my legs”.

Jamie triggered the engineered endocrine gland at the base of his brain.  In response to the signal from his pituitary, testosterone surged through his body.  The effect was immediate.  He picked Shan up and all but threw her onto the bed.  Without a word, he positioned her face down, with her arse in the air.  He swept a pair of handcuffs from the table and snapped the cold metal closed around her wrists, behind her back.  Without waiting for his partner to ready herself, the younger agent grabbed her hips and slid himself into her slick, warm pussy.

He started to thrust, slowly at first, sliding in and out slowly, pausing at the end of the outward stroke, waiting, teasing before thrusting back in, harder and a little faster each time.

“C’mon, bitch”, snarled Jamie, even surprising himself.  “Work for it”.

Shan did as she had been told, thrusting back towards him as he rammed his way back into her.  He must have triggered the hormone surge.  This was better than she expected.

She could feel it starting.

She gasped with a stab of pain as Jamie grabbed the cuffs holding Shan’s wrists together and pulled hard, jerking her face up off the mattress.  As she yelped, the muscles inside her tensed, gripping the thrusting object and it hammered in again.

“Put some effort in!” grunted Jamie as he increased the speed and strength of his thrusts.  He could feel the orgasm starting.  This time the little cow wouldn’t stop him.  He was now in the driving seat.

“C’mon!” he growled, slamming Shan’s cunt with even more force as he reached round and started to work on her clit with his fingers.  Shan gasped as a wave of raw sexual energy broke over her.  Then another and another.

“C’mon, bitch!  You can do better than that!” Jamie snarled as he forced himself to pounder her harder.  “Come on!!”

She realised this orgasm was going to be huge.  She’d already come two or three times in the build up.  So much so that her head was starting to swim.  By the gods, this kid was good!  He was working her so well, it felt to her like he was getting bigger in both girth… length… but most importantly was girth… oh yes… oh fuck he felt so big… yes…. YES…  YES!… Oh my fucking godssss…. YEEEESSSSS!!!!

If Jamie hadn’t been gripping Shan’s hips as he mercilessly pounded her, she would have collapsed as her knees buckled with the strength of the orgasm.  But Jamie wasn’t finished.  He flipped her onto the floor, grabbed her by the back of the neck and thrust his twitching member into her open mouth.  He pulled her forward along the length of his shaft, right up to where her nose hit his pelvis.  He began to thrust again.  She’d never been skullfucked quite this brutally before… it was… exhilarating to be used for a change instead of being the one using.  She felt wonderfully dirty.  Since her wrists were still fastened behind her back, she manoeuvred her still sopping wet, swollen lipped hole onto the corner of the bed and begin to grind herself on the devan.

“I’m gonna cum all over you”, growled Jamie.  She couldn’t help herself.  Another orgasm hit and she just wanted to please Jamie and cum just one more time and then let the boy blow his load over her.

If she had been paying any attention to the telemetry being fed into her brain, Shan would have seen the temperature inside Jamie’s scrotum meant he was building up to ejaculate.  He could feel it coming and the tingling feeling of the tongue stud only pushed the feeling harder… here it was… he could feel the heat inside his dick as he pulled Shan off him by the hair and threw her backwards onto the bed.  As he strode over to where she landed, he grabbed himself and pumped hard.

With a moan of sheer exhilaration and relief, hot sticky semen erupted out of him, all over Shan’s face and breasts.  She felt so wonderfully filthy… she couldn’t remember the last time anyone had treated her like a dirty £5 whore… and she (somewhat surprisingly) loved it.  It got her wetter still.

“Lick me clean while the cum dries on your face and tits”.

Telling someone, “Yes, sir” was a strangely comforting feeling.  She actually quite enjoyed it.

Jamie threw himself onto the bed as Shan started to lick him clean, like he’d told her.  Like a good cumslut.

What do you think? Let me know in the comments.

Wednesday 9th August 2017 again

Mahogany JonesIs it wrong to have hoped for a rogue gust of wind on one of the photos from this session?

As far as I can tell, her name is Mahogany Jones.

There’s far too many off-colour jokes that can be cracked here, just about her name.

Y’know… “Mahogany”… wood… never mind…

But you have to admit she is pretty damned spectacular.






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Wednesday 9th August 2017 additional

Just mentioning something: even though I’m really not a fan of Rihanna’s music.
Generally, I can’t stand the sort of manufactured pop shite she’s a purveyor of, but in terms of the photos… she always looks incredible.  The general hatred she seems to get seems to be a mixture of jealousy and just the whole “how dare you do things the way you want to do them and not the way we say”.  It’s really all about subjugation.    As a woman, she’s not allowed to be proud of her body and like to show it off.  She’s supposed to be ashamed and keep covered up because only sluts show their bodies off.

My personal take on this?  If you’ve got it, flaunt it.  If you want to show off what you’ve got, it’s none of my business.  You won’t find me judging someone based on what they decide to wear or not to wear (unless they’re chavs – then I’ll judge myself as being in danger).

Anyway… take a look at the picture.  I can’t be the only one who would like to see her wearing even less.

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Wednesday 9th August 2017

I haven’t really got any idea who this girl is, beyond that she’s called Raven.  Stumbled across her on Twitter.  Seems to have a clothing business in the Caribbean.


Just… wow.  Also… doesn’t look like she’s wearing anything under that dress…

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